The Ultimate Live and Learn Planner

This is a project that came as a fulfillment in Mackenzie’s life who had just turned 25 years of age and was trying to put her life together. One of the ways she knew she would get her life on track was by getting a planner. So, at the beginning of the year January, 2016, she toured many stores from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Target and many more, trying to get the perfect planner. There were so many of them out in the market and a little research on what she was looking for would go a long way.

daily planner

The thing is, Mackenzie would eventually settle on a planner only to realize after a few weeks that it didn’t have all the features she needed and she would get a different one. This left her with a stack of planners on her dining room table. That is when her inspiration came around: her husband made the suggestion that she make her own planner and walaa! That’s all she needed to hear.

After doing her research on all the necessary features of a planner. She then compared other planner to see what was there and what was missing. And that is how the ultimate live and learn planner came to be. This planner has all the necessary features to keep you inspired, bring balance, success and some more emphasis in your life.

The main problem, however, is that this planner has a lot of details which means that getting one printed will take some time. Actually printing 500 copies would take up to 4 weeks. This will come as a challenge if there is a demand for a large number of copies as it will take a while to deliver.

The project currently requires a funding of at least $4, 000 by 15th June 2016 for it to be a success.

You can join or support them at:

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