Steps Towards Stopping Self Sabotage

The limitations emanating from the feeling of guilt and the punishment entailed causes one to move towards self sabotage. To efficaciously resolve the question of ‘how to stop self sabotage’, one needs to get rid of the monstrous feeling of despondency.

Stopping Self Sabotage

The primary step would be the reclamation of one’s willpower by declining to submit to the feeling of being a victim. This does not necessarily imply denying the wrongs that befell one.

It means that instead of falling apart, one should bosom his wholeness. The psychological immunity has been fortified by the fact that one has embraced the quality of thriving, instead of conceding to afflictions that came his way. The self has been empowered.

Restrain yourself from blaming anyone or the self for the emotional discontentment that has overtaken your present. Blame serves to weighing down the self with trash that holds back one from making significant headway in life.

Learn the art of forgiving the self for wrongs committed in the past. Mistakes are a way of life with every mortal being and they make one learn. The negative energy invested in censuring oneself for past failures should be diverted towards creating a life one visualizes for himself.

The deep wounds imprinted on the emotional canvass of the psyche which still holds a considerable degree of psychological challenge for the self to grapple with should be resolved by visiting a professional therapist. He can aid you in getting the wounds healed by loosening the hold of past episodes of trauma.

One should bring about a complete overhaul of his thought process. The mental expanse should be continually monitored for avoiding habitual, self restricting thoughts from taking over. If one finds himself being deliberately dragged to the arena of limiting thoughts like” I am not good at anything” or so, he should forcibly impose upon himself newer thoughts that make him feel elated and confident.

The past should not be used to compare with the present and impending future. Each day comes loaded with tons of newer avenues to be happy and successful and this has no bearing of the events of the past.

The above recipes if adhered to steadfastly will make you float over the limiting ties and resolutely answer to “how to stop self sabotage”.