How To Deal With Social Anxiety Easily?

You are partying with your friends in some restaurant. Since; all the people from the group are familiar to you, yet you have wobbly limbs or clammy palms with number of questions running in your head like, if I ask something will they laugh at me? What they will think of me?

Social Anxiety

And the list goes on. The questioning cycle keeps on running, and you seem to be never relax than may be you have a social anxiety problem often known as social phobia.

Social anxiety is a common problem that you think that only you have got one. Most of the people have led this debilitating condition for so long that they didn’t even recognize unless some of the signs triggered to them and got the feeling that something is definitely wrong with them.

Feeling that you do not belong to this situation or what others are thinking are the most common scenarios of this disorder. While mingling in the same situation for longer period of time, it starts creating a distress and lack of confidence feeling in the person.

If you are yet to know whether you are suffering from social anxiety problems then, have a glance at below mentioned signs that will actually tell you when you have:

• Fear of speaking in public
• Excessive racing of heart, sweating or blushing in social gatherings
• Fear of being over conscious
• Irrational fear of being teased in social crowd
• Negative emotions, emotional pull, and muscle twitches

If above stated factors are occurring with you, than it is recommended that you consult a therapist to overcome from this problem. There are ways to resolve this disorder from root likewise if you are trying to do on your own then there is this relaxation technique like doing Yoga, meditation, deep breathing exercises.

Doing this daily helps you to control the physical symptoms of anxiety. There are many DVDs/CDs available in stores as well as online to help you come out this problem.
Apart from this, there are other methods like Group therapy, CBT, etc.

These are simple counselling programs that have shown positive results to people suffering from social anxiety problems. Once you start taking the treatment you will not see it as a problem anymore.