A Spiritual Card Game Like No Other

People promote all sorts of projects on Kickstarter, and these are usually products that are very near and dear to their hearts. In some cases, people are more or less promoting spiritual belief systems at the same time as they promote their Kickstarter projects. This Kickstarter project involves a set of cards, along with a companion book. However, this is no simple card game. TheEarthKeeper’s Munay~Ki Direction Cards & Companion Book byAy Ses Dunya are all about a person’s spiritual life and the art of divination.


A Specific Spiritual System

There are a number of different spiritual systems out there. TheEarthKeeper’s Munay~Ki Direction Cards & Companion Book are aimed at people who specifically worship or revere the Earth spirit of Gaia. People are intended to use these cards to strengthen their connection with Gaia in terms of both communication and an overall emotional or spiritual connection.

The creator of this program states that theEarthKeeper’s Munay~Ki Direction Cards & Companion Book can help people receive an education in the keys to theMunay~Ki Tradition. Some people who are in this spiritual system are going to want to become EarthKeepers themselves, and they will need theMunay Ki 9 Rites in order to accomplish that. However, theEarthKeeper’s Munay~Ki Direction Cards & Companion Book can more or less give people the direction and the education that they need before they are able to really ascend to the next level.

Spiritual Kickstarter Projects

These sorts of religious Kickstarter projects are obviously going to be aimed at a very specific niche. Many people are part of other belief systems, and they will consider their own belief systems incompatible with belief systems like this one. However, lots of other people are lacking a spiritual dimension in their lives, and they may be interested in this particular system and the cards and companion book that might go with it.

You can support this project and join the them at: https://goo.gl/c5v57Z