A New Motivational Journal

Many people have a difficult time motivating themselves even if they have plenty of incentives when it comes to finishing a given task. For many people, just writing down goals and objectives in a journal can make all the difference in the world. Of course, even creating something like that is going to require a certain degree of motivation, and that is where Kickstarter projects like this come in:



Motivation Planner – Dream, Write, Plan, Believe, Achieve

This is a motivational planner that manages to double as both an organizer and a journal. As such, people are going to be able to use it when it comes to managing a wide range of different tasks, which is going to be extra convenient for them.

One of the great things about this Kickstarter project is the simple fact that people do not really need to contribute very much money in order to get a lot of the gratuities, which is fairly rare in the general Kickstarter environment. Contributors only need to pledge a dollar in order to get the Kickstarter Motivation Starter Kit. They will only need to pledge fifteen dollars in order to get a pdf. version of the product itself, which is a fairly low sum of money for a product on Kickstarter. It isn’t surprising that this particular product has a lot of people who are interested in it.

People are only going to need to contribute slightly more in order to ensure that they will get first edition versions of the motivational planner itself, which is going to really make them feel like they have turned a corner. People who put this much effort into finding new ways to stay motivated are going to manage to motivate themselves in style. This new motivational journal may change people’s lives.